Tamara Thorpe

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Tamara Thorpe is the Millennials Mentor, she creates engaging leadership trainings for Millennial leaders and entrepreneurs, and helps growth stage startups build strong management teams.

She loves motivating Millennials with smart, savvy, no-fluff coaching and training; asking insightful questions; facilitating growth and development. She shares her failures as well as her successes with young professionals, who are making their mark on the world as entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other self-proclaimed over-achievers.

Tamara developed her first leadership program at age 15 and hasn’t looked back. That bold and audacious act has turned into a lifetime of leadership lessons that allowed her to excel in her career as a trainer, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker.

She has spoken to Millennials all over the world – from Brazil to Canada, throughout Europe and across the United States. Her audiences include national and international conferences, universities, small businesses and startups, professional associations, and networking groups.  www.tamarathorpe.com     Facebook

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