Rocco Distefano

How hidden trauma can lead us to avoid doing what we really love and
how to stop this!

Rocco Distefano is a New York based spiritual life coach and a trauma survivor. As a child, in order to survive traumatic events, his mind and body developed a sort of hyper vigilance. This has helped him to train his intuition and connection to spirit at a heightened level which allows him incredible insight into the bodies, minds and lives of those he works with.

He uses his gifts to help fearless captains of industry work through the rough or dark spots in their own lives by showing them the elusive, often hidden parts of their pain experience. It is through working with him that you will learn precisely what is causing your debilitating pain, emptiness, anxiety, low grade depression or spiritual blockage. With Rocco you will develop the tools to stop avoiding, face these parts head on, and eventually guide yourself into lasting confidence and peace.

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30 min info session with Rocco. Thank you for connecting with Rocco through Nathalie Lussier's Do What You Really Love Summit!

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Each session is 30 mins long and can be over the phone, or video chat (Skype or Zoom). For best audio it is recommended that you have access to a comfortable headset with good audio fidelity that has a built in mic. Simple Apple headphones or reasonable facsimiles work just fine.

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