Karen Garvey

Intuition as the Pathway to Doing What You Love

Karen L. Garvey, MBA, Author, International Speaker, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach  - After obtaining her MBA, Karen L. Garvey acquired extensive business experience. On 9/11, she "received" simultaneous information about what was occurring, her first experience learning something not through earthly means. Over time, she discovered how to intentionally attune to this connection.

Presently, through this conduit to universal knowledge, Karen provides ongoing insights for seminars, media appearances, coaching, and books.

Karen L. Garvey has appeared on dozens of radio programs and in other media outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, PBS, Redbook, Hamptons Magazine, NJ Savvy, LI Press, Creations Magazine, and Spa Magazine. In addition, she has authored 5 books including BEGIN HERE and MONEY WISDOM.  Please visit KarenGarvey.com

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