Julie Daley

Where 'What You Love' & 'Creativity' Meet

Through her work as a transformational leadership coach, lecturer at Stanford University Continuing Studies, and teacher of creativity and leadership work online and in person, what underlies all of Julie's work is the desire and capacity to create places and spaces where people can come to re-discover, recover, remember, reclaim, learn to trust in once again, and express into the world their true inner expression, their creativity, their nature.

Julie offers one-on-one coaching, small group circles and gatherings, and courses that hold this space for discovery and transformation. She is also available to speak.

In these turbulent times, we need broken-open-hearted leaders who have come to trust in their creative nature and compassionate heart to step forward to help birth a new world. When we discover the qualities that bring us most alive and then live them, we are each offering what we are here to give.

Your Free Gift

Qualities Exercise The qualities exercise is a way to discover the unique qualities of your essential nature - the qualities of your soul. You discover them by listing all the things you love to DO and the things you hate to DO. The emphasis is on doing since these qualities become known through experience. They are similar to values, but not exactly the same. Qualities are the words you would use to describe the nature of your experience. And, once discovered, the more you do the things you love the more you are living the qualities of soul. The soul can only be known by way of experience. Instructions are included in the PDF.

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