Jean-Marc Berne

Your Voice Is Your Brand.  Make It Powerful.

Jean-Marc Berne is theAuthor of the upcoming book “The Heart-Voice Connection: How To Infuse Your Message With Real Emotion.”  Known as “The Voice Master,” he’s also anInternational Professional Speaker and Singer-Songwriter. He is the Voice Over Coach of the animated series “The Octonauts,” which airs on The Disney Channel.  He empowers people to project, command confidence, engage their audiences, and connect their hearts to their voices, creating deeper, emotional connections with every conversation, generating harmony in their communications and more money for their respective businesses.  He created a series of workshops that have made him one of New York’s top Voice Over coaches.   He’s spoken on professional stages in Canada, Dubai, Cairo, Bahrain and all over the United States.  He’s voice trained international public speakers from over 30 different countries.  He also narrated Pulitzer Prize and McArthur Genius Grant winner JunotDíaz’s audiobook “Negocios,” and Nobel Literature Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa’saudiobook, “La Fiesta Del Chivo.”



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