Samantha Orthlieb

Opening the Senses of the Soul:  Using Nature's medicine to tap into your innate healing and authentic Self

Samantha Orthlieb has been a practicing herbalist for over sixteen years, in which time she has helped thousands of clients to heal and thrive. She has her clinical practice in Calgary Alberta. She is also in the fifth year of converting a rural property near Cochrane, AB into a permaculture-inspired medicinal botanical sanctuary, chakra garden and herb farm.

Samantha is a contemporary Medicine Woman. She is able to intuit the health challenges of her clients on a physical and psychospiritual level and connect them with the appropriate plant or other vibrational medicine energy needed to restore balance to the individual in the areas he or she needs to heal. She facilitates and empowers her clients to connect back to their authentic self, which allows clients to not only heal themselves, but understand that health is a deeply rich and soulful journey that is intricately intertwined with one’s life.  Samantha combines earth spirit medicine and her range of skills with her intuitive healing abilities to work with her clients on all levels ofpsycho physical and psychospiritual being.

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(Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Flower/Nature Essence Therapist, EAV Practitioner, Bio-energetic Medicine, Contemporary Medicine Woman, Plant Protector and Evolutionary Oracle)

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3. How Can Nature’s Vibrational Medicine Help Us?

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