Judy Micale

Compassionate Leadership in today's world

Judy Micale is abestselling author, national speaker, and an ICF certified coach, with an international client base. She understands the importance of increasing appreciation and compassion on an individual and professional level and encourages participants in her workshops to embrace that concept.  Her coaching style focuses on individual strengths; by focusing on our strengths we can positively impact those around us.

Judy loves working with individuals who are motivated, someone who is ready to look at the next phase in their life, individuals who are in a transitional stage and want to explore what their options are. The vision for her company and work is to assist individuals and companies to create an environment that demonstrates appreciation, builds compassion and gratitude into serving their purpose. Her company works to assist individuals and companies in bridging the generational communication gap and in so doing increasing the team environment. Communicating your ideas, thoughts and providing clear direction to your fellow workers is crucial for a successful company. Learn the interesting quirks of each generation and ways to "Bridge the Gap” is a great skill to have and a necessity in today's working world.

WEBSITE : www.theauthenticitycoach.com

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