Jill Tupper

Bodyfit, Mindfit, Soulfit: Get in sync. Live on purpose.

Jill Tupper is an international speaker inspiring audiences for 25+ years & a life & wellness expert with 15+ years of leading retreats, workshops & one-on-one intensives. She inspires, motivates & ignites her clients to embrace the adventure of life & reach for their highest potential.

She draws on her adventures of climbing Kilimanjaro to working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta and Ethiopia, as well as, her extensive cultural and service experiences around the world as they have given her invaluable insight into the meaning and purpose of life. Her certifications as a Chopra Meditation Instructor, Martha Beck Life Coach & Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner are vital components in her work. Further her Master’s in Leadership and B.S. in Occupational Therapy and her experience as a triathlete and marathoner reflect her passion for the whole person – body, mind & soul.

She moves people to take inspired action, equips them with practical tools for life, motivates them & ultimately dares them to reach their potential and make a difference in the world.

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