Amiee Mueller

From Scratch. To Six Figures. To Seven Figures.

Amiee grew up in a broken family and experienced neglect, poverty and abuse. She started working at 14 years old, and at 18, she left home seeking more.

She was the 1st in her family to go to college. And after graduating at the top of her class, Amiee opened a business. Experiencing award-winning success and earning six figures by age 25, she began mentoring other young adults and has helped over a thousand on their paths to personal and professional success.

She’s been a successful entrepreneur and business owner for nearly 15 years. She also spent 6 years working in the headquarters of a multimillion dollar corporation helping train their new managers and top sales performers. Now, in addition to running her own company, she speaks to businesses and entrepreneurs to help them systemize and scale from six figures to seven figures in revenues—her company is dedicated to the success and support of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

She’s a published author. Her book DESTINATION AWESOME teaches people how to get the life they want even if they have to beat the odds to do it. She’s also an advisory board member for the Front Row Foundation – a charity dedicated to creating front row experiences for those braving critical health challenges.



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